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Alright, thanks for all the work and experience! 28 Sep 17 starstarstarstarstar

I'm a proud member of Wagner! Honest and hard working fellows among us! 11 Sep 17 starstarstarstarstar

So many trolls out here! Wagner is a great firm that I can only recommend to anyone who needs a professional service! They are a firm with local and international staff, so duh not everyone might be speaking perfect, error free english! But more importantly are their services error free, amazing and working with them has been an honor! 11 Sep 17 starstarstarstarstar

I can only recommend them! I even joined their partner program and am very grateful that these folks exist, both as their supplier and client! Love the team!! 11 Sep 17 starstarstarstarstar

I`ve had a great experience with Wagner and their staff. Friendly people, very patient in explaining things and truly helpful. I`m still new with them, now having my 12 months anniversary coming up. 11 Sep 17 starstarstarstarstar

A terrible company with no moral standards whatsoever. Their communicative skills are disastrous, as their employees barely speak English. In addition to that, they are rude and obnoxious. I DO NOT recommend this company. 0/10 05 Jul 17 star

Working for them - great firm - love them! 15 May 17 starstarstarstarstar

Top employer! 03 May 17 starstarstarstarstar

Top Employer! 10 Mar 17 starstarstarstarstar

Great firm to work for! 13 Feb 17 starstarstarstarstar

They give you perspectives to develop as a person, very happy to be part of them. 25 Jan 17 starstarstarstarstar

They are indeed an industry leader in providing translation services! I´m one of their contractors and can highly recommend this firm. They helped me develop so much and improve my professional career. 24 Jan 17 starstarstarstarstar half

Always again - great place to be, great firm to work with! 10 Jan 17 starstarstarstarstar

Happy to freelance for this firm! Only good experiences. Great folks! 06 Jan 17 starstarstarstarstar

Fast payments - great communication! Thank you Wagner Team. 30 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Just started to work for this employer, and it has already become a great experience. Friendly and supportive management environment, excellent communication and spirit of collaboration and partnership. Working remotely, I just can not comment on the schedule and the physical office environment. For the rest I could not be more sure in recommending this employer to any professional employee who is prepared to contribute and wishes to get awarded for it. 27 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar half

Getting more and more jobs and was able to grew my income as freelancer. Esteemed company with easy processes and support when you need it. They treat you as a partner, rather as a vendor. 27 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

High expectations and standards, tough to get going with them, once in and proven, great folks! Easy to talk to, super friendly. 26 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Keep me busy, a lot of work, highly communicative! Top employer! Thank you!! 26 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Good number of projects, fair payments, great team to work with! They allow me to work from home! Payments on time and helped me out a few times! Thank you!! 26 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Im a freelancer working for them since a few month. Just one thing to say - if you are a professional translator, this is the firm to work for! Fair workflow, challenging projects, fair payment terms (read their invoicing guidelines that offer you different payment terms to choose from - what company does this nowadays. Had issues with some CAT tools.. got a free!!!! training. Thank you guys, you are highly recommended by me and any professional person. 26 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Growing workloads from them! Good payments, reliable and help you navigate through problems! Staff is only one call away and their linguists and PMs seem to be well trained! There is not a single team member I wouldn't recommend! 26 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Great atmosphere to work for, payments on time, PMs super educated and helpful. Love working for these folks. 26 Dec 16 starstarstarstarstar

Never got paid for my translation work.. 22 Nov 16 star

I only did one assignment for them, for which I was never paid. It's been almost three months since I did the assignment. 25 Oct 16 star

Bad translation rates and extremely slow payments. Awful experience. To avoid. 23 Oct 16 starstar half

I am a freelancer and this was my worst experience, this company not only pays slavery rates but also sets unreasonable deadlines not to mention you will not even get paid and once you contact them about your payment they will ignore you. totally rubbish. not recommended. 15 Aug 16 starstar half

Horrible payment system, cheap rates, no respect for freelancers. This company will delay the monthly payments because of their "budget", and will reduce the payment that you have agreed in the first place because of the result without consulting with the freelancer. 13 Jul 16 star

It was pleasure working at Wagner. Great supervision and teamwork! Wagner Consulting LLC has a pretty established background in communication and I was privileged to be given the opportunity to work here. It's a place where new relationships are established, maintained and valued, and new talents get the opportunity to fully realize their potential. Never felt like an employee here, more like in the "company" of a friend or my elder brother. I learned a lot of new things in sales and client relationship management and appreciate the Wagner team for the collaborative atmosphere they've created over the years that facilitated my skills development. It's a great company to be with! 13 Aug 14 starstarstarstarstar

Highly recommended! The work makes fun! The initial starting phase is a bit boring for the first 6-8 months, as the basics are taught! But after this initial phase, the company is fun working for! Good internal communication, great education and training programs, fantastic rewards, open minded management and happy vendors! The tasks are challenging! A top company with highly motivated staff! 13 Aug 14 starstarstarstarstar

offer free trainings, promotion available if clear goals are met. can only recommend this company!! 12 Aug 14 starstarstarstarstar half

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