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American Airlines
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Total Overall Rating : starstar half 1.29/5
First Rating was on : 08 Oct 15
Most Recent Rating was on : 27 Jan 17


Record profits reported today, great for the upper management again the employees that do the work have been screwed AGAIN! Company is making BILLIONS and we the employees have a 3% of the profit which comes out to a extra paycheck management some $192,000 for just the profit check then a group $155,000 then the others are a couple thousand, then take tax out- a paycheck. Greed is what this whole Us Air Airlines is and was about. They have and continue to show their true colors. A mechanic for AA $2000 then taxes, Delta and United mechanics $20,000 to $22,000........YES 10 times what we are receiving and we the biggest airlines and most profitable. If it smells like fish.....If you worked there you could see the slime balls first hand. They hide what they are doing to the employees through lies to the public and spread false truths to make themselves look better in the public eyes. Very sad day, wish I never had gotten into this field 27 Jan 17 star

American is why our America (USA) is spinning down the toilet bowl 24 Jun 16 star

$$6.3 BILLION in profits. More than a full $1B more than every other airline and the idea of sharing with their employees was never even a thought for them. The CEO is cruel and selfish. Many other airlines thanked their employees w/ profit sharing and even generous parties. We got the shAAft again. They have lied to us so much that we now have the lowest morale in the industry. True shAAme how they've destroyed this once-great airline. Sickens me, and those I work beside as well. This airline, American Airlines, is no longer a premier carrier, no longer a true competitor for true business travelers. Doug Parker just said that he thinks we need to compete more against Spirit Airlines! Hey Business Travelers! How often do you rely upon Spirit Airlines and their competitors? Well now American Airlines is competing w/ Spirit. 03 Mar 16 star

Management does not care about its employees. They take and take, and are never willing to give anything. 03 Mar 16 starstar half

Greed, Greed, and more Greed. The money goes to the top as its taken away from the lowler employees. The CEO has had 4 DUIs. He is a person who makes really bad decisions. 03 Mar 16 starstar half

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